Effecto ERP
When you choose the EFFECTO ERP, you are also choosing a team committed to:

Working with you on projects that have a BEGINNING and an END.

  • Each module is operational within a 2-to-6 month phase


Helping your SMB do more with less.

EFFECTO ERP - Designed for made-to-order manufacturers:

  • Highly adaptable
  • Designed for complex needs, production lines that are continually making different products and that manage a multitude of technical specifications
  • Inventory management with advanced traceability meets strict food and pharmaceutics standards 
  • Involvement of shop floor personnel: For your implementation to be successful and the data accurate, it's important to involve the people who will be the primary users of the program
  • Simplify the dashboards, reduce the number of clicks, properly reposition the screens. PEOPLE ARE CENTRAL to the development of our modules because it is PEOPLE who use them.

To communicate with all your systems, machines and automatons already in place.

  • At EFFECTO, we talk robots. Our agile modules connect to your administrative software, your  CRM and your machines. We make everything converse together so that data flows smoothly, accurately and in real time.

manufacturer of plastic containers for more than 40 years.

" Effecto enabled us to computerize the reports on our raw materials, our production and our deliveries, which, before, took a great deal of time, both for office employees and for shop floor staff. Our productivity has increased substantially... Implantation of this kind of project is spread over a number of months. The  follow-up made by the Effecto team was truly exemplary. We felt that they were there to support us. They are quick to grasp our reality and know how to operationalize the needs submitted to them. " – Véronique Roy

For the testimony of the entire Plastique Micron team, watch the video (in French).

manufacturer of windows and doors for over 10 years.

" Effecto allows us to improve efficiency and quality throughout, as much in the factory as in advising our clients. The Effecto team understands manufacturers' needs. They put their boots on and come right to us. They are behind us  throughout the project. " – David Poulin

For the testimony of the entire Ultima Fenestration team, watch the video (in French).

Keeping your budgets in mind, Effecto offers a manufacturing management ERP that is affordable and that can be implanted in 6 modules.

As no two plants are exactly the same, the Effecto ERP Modules always include:
  • A meeting with your team, including both your shop floor staff and your office staff, to understand your specific needs and adapt to meet them;
  • The approval stages at different phases of the project;
  • Implantation of the modules and the training of your employees by an EFFECTO project coordinator who puts him or herself in your shoes and understands your reality.
Effecto Stock
  • Multi-warehouse inventory management
  • Identification of stocks
  • Reservation and consignment of stocks
  • MRP and Traceability
  • Supply management
  • Receiving and identification of stocks
  • Quality control and 40N
  • Traceability
  • Sales management
  • Product configurator: Great for managing customizable products that have a multitude of different specifications and tolerances
  • The EFFECTO CONFIGURATOR is perfect for:
    • The COST PRICE: Generated automatically for all orders;
    • QUALITY: The risk of errors between order-taking and the work sent to production is reduced as much as possible.
    • PRODUCTION: Once the client has made a choice, everything is transferred to the plant, generating a purchase order.
    • SALES: Making sales and establishing prices without specialized knowledge. Obtain accurate bids in a few minutes. Generate a quality technical drawing enabling clients to see what they are buying.
  • Management of price lists and commercial agreements
  • Management of clients' bids and specifications
  • Management of customer credit
  • Planning and sequencing of orders
  • Interface with plant equipment
  • Supervision and monitoring of operations
  • Stocks automatically evaluated by operation
  • Sharing of production orders with mill staff
  • Automatic stock palletizing and identification
  • Quality control and sampling
  • Collection of production information
  • Management of shipments
    • Delivery slips
    • Transport requests
    • Truck loading
    • Invoices and shipping slips
    • Export applications (customs)
  • Logistics and load optimization
   EFFECTO BI Module
  • Management of data interchanges (EDI)
  • Management of performance indicators (KPI)
  • Statistics and business Intelligence
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Accounting interface