Effecto MES Wood
For more than 10 years, Effecto has been refining its manufacturing management modules to meet the specific needs of primary and secondary wood processing plants.

Effecto has been taking up all the challenges that come with it and has made "wood" its specialty.

Effecto puts YOUR efficiency at the centre of its values and operations.

That is why Effecto MES Wood connects to your administrative software, to your CRM and to the machines you already have in place.

Efficient. Affordable. User-friendly. This approach is the Effecto vision and difference.


a sawmill reputed for the quality of its wood for over 100 years.

" Our production volume swelled and we had problems getting quick and accurate answers regarding our inventories. Effecto made the overall process much easier, from the entry of the wood to delivery. We can trace all of our operations. My foreman recently said to me: "Now, I couldn't do without Effecto. If we were to have to return to our paper system, I'd go crazy."  This is because Effecto knows its sector and knows wood." – David Hamel

For the testimony of the entire Clermond Hamel team, watch the video

manufacturer of fence components and fir and spruce assembly panels for over 40 years.

" At P.F., we wanted to be able to measure how much wood was costing from its input to its output. We wanted to manage our inventories and improve our operations.  Effecto meets our needs 100%. The people at Effecto are very friendly and quick to answer all of our questions. " – Guy Roy

For the testimonial of the entire team of Industries P.F., watch the video.

Conscious of your budgets, Effecto offers you MES Wood, which can be purchased and implanted in 6 modules.

As no two plants are exactly the same, the EFFECTO MES Wood modules always include:

  • A meeting with your team, including both your shop floor staff and your office staff, to understand your specific needs and adapt to meet them
  • The approval stages at different phases of the project
  • Implantation of the modules and the training of your employees by an EFFECTO project coordinator who puts him or herself in your shoes and understands your reality
  • Management of the inventory in your yard (multiple warehouses)
  • Stock identification (packets, pack, pallets)
  • Stock reservation and consignment
  • MRP and traceability
  • Wood supply management / Purchase
  • Stock receiving (log yard)
  • Log measurement
  • Kiln management (processing)
  • CE / FSC / PEFC traceability
  • Sales management (business management)
  • Management of pricelists and commercial agreements
  • Management of clients' bids (specifications)
  • Customer credit management
  • Planning and sequencing campaigns (schedules)
  • Automatic grader and tying machine readings
  • Interface between the measurement and optimization systems
  • Supervision and monitoring of plant operations
    • Sawing / Sawmill
    • Lathing
    • Planing / Planer
    • Shaping / Thicknesser
    • Splitting / Cross-cutting
    • Jointing
  • Automatic evaluation of stocks by operation
  • Sharing of production orders with mill staff
  • Automatic palletizing and identification of stock
  • Quality control
  • Compilation of production information
  • Management of shipments
    • Delivery slips
    • Transport requests
    • Truck loading
    • Invoices and shipping slips
    • Export applications (customs)
  • Cargo logistics and optimization
   EFFECTO BI Module
  • Management of Electronic Data Interchanges (EDIs)
  • Management of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Statistics and Business Intelligence
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Accounting interface
  • ERP / Accounting interface
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