Effecto RFID

A tool that we master very well

Very, very well. In fact, EFFECTO is one of Canada's leading experts in RFID.

A tool that is used only when it's profitable FOR YOU.

We do not systematically suggest RFID to you for your SMB. What determines whether or not we do?

Our vision: TO HELP YOU DO MORE WITH LESS and quickly bolster your productivity.

Looking ahead

Effecto wants to maintain its position as leader in traceability.

Technologies evolve at an extremely rapid pace. SMBs must react quickly to changes in their market.

To remain the expert you can count on for manufacturing management and traceability, Effecto is committed to:

  • Being open to breakthroughs and cutting edge innovations
  • Master new technologies before anyone else

That's why we monitor the latest technological breakthroughs in traceability for you:

  • Biometrics
  • Synthetic DNA
  • Nanotracers
RFID is perfect if:
   You manufacture made-to-order products

that have a multitude of possible technical specifications
– Example: Door or window manufacturers

Effecto RFID simplifies your production and assures your clients that the units you produce meet all their requirements. It even enables you to connect to their system and be integrated into their supply chain.

  Do you want to maximize the efficiency of your warehouses?

Effecto RFID can instantly, and remotely, read entire pallets of products, without line of sight, up to 30 feet. In a few seconds, hundreds of elements of data are sent to your system. 

  Do you need to comply with very strict standards?

In the agrifood and pharmaceutical sectors, strict adherence to the standards is a must. Your customers need to be assured that you have the tools in place to meet their high standards, which require numerous checks.

Effecto RFID enables you to meet these standards with intelligent tools, alert generators and software tailored to the specific requirements of your domain.

   Do you need to assure your clients of full traceabiity of the products and components that you supply?

In its tool box, Effecto has:

  • Expertise in DPM (Direct Part Marking), perfectly adapted to the world of  the automobile and to that of critical metal parts of all kinds
  • Effecto RFID, having a proven track record for reliability and accuracy in the Supply Chain Management world
  • Mastery of bar codes: This technology is less costly in identifiers and  often meets the needs of a number of SMBs.

What is the EFFECTO difference in traceability technologies?

We know all of them well.
We use all of them well.

We are AT YOUR service.

And at the service of your clients.

What does EFFECTO promise with regard to traceability technologies?

To offer you the most effective and appropriate solution FOR YOU in mixing bar codes, RFID and DPM.

Discover Effecto ERP Expert and Effecto MES Wood, offered in 6 modules that can be purchased and implanted according to your budgets and your schedules.

Do more with less.
Maximize your productivity.
Become Effecto Efficient.