Through their expertise and soft skills, all members of the Effecto team play an important role in our success and in that of our clients. They all have things in common– traits that define Effecto. Being part of the Effecto team means knowing how to show:

Professional conscience, by being someone you can count on to take responsibility and be respectful in all interactions with clients, colleagues and business partners.
Creativity and curiosity, by bringing new ideas to the table and coming up with different ways of doing things. At Effecto, insatiable curiosity is a must, as is the desire to learn more and more about our sector and those of our clients.
Practicality, by speaking in concrete terms and by offering practical solutions, which means applications that are both concrete and practical for our clients.


What I do outside of work
  Lots of things! I love things that ground me, good food, wine, wood, construction, travel, friends, running, hockey, reading.
What I love about my work

I am a good generalist, but really am not an expert in programming. What I love doing is meeting with clients, listening to them and developing concrete solutions to match their needs. Basically, I'm a bridge between people, between experts, and between problems and their solutions. That is what I've long been passionate about.

TO LEARN MORE about David Fecteau, his vision and the history of Effecto, visit the page  "WHO WE ARE".

My colour, attributes... value added within the team
  Mr. Conceptualization. "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it." Mark Twain


What I do outside of work
  I have a woodworking shop where I make furniture, tools and cutting guides, wooden toys, etc.
What I love about my work
  I like creating tools that are useful and important to our clients. Without these tools, their management and production operations would be less efficient. I like that we make a difference for their enterprise.
My colour, attributes... value added within the team
  Je dirais « Priorisation et production ». 
  I would say "Prioritization and production". IMPLANTATION AT CLIENTS': Our clients very much appreciate Jonathan. He has a logical mind, is very analytical and has good teamwork skills. In addition, he is very conscientious, orderly, resourceful and pays great attention to detail.


What I do outside of work
  When I'm not working, I really enjoy playing sports. A former hockey player, I am carrying on my career in floor hockey in the winter and, in the summer, I golf. Outside of that, I'm always looking for things to take in with friends.
What I love about my work
  Working with cutting-edge technology. I love working in a team and in close collaboration with the client in the field. What I like most is to see people surprised in witnessing how informatics can make their work easier.
My colour, attributes... value added within the team
  I have good analytical skills, I like developing an understanding of the situations as a whole in order to find solutions. My goal is to make informatics more human.
  IMPLANTATION AT CLIENTS': Benjamin's friendly and helpful nature, and his skill at explaining, in layman's terms, the Effecto manufacturing management software modules, make him someone pleasant to work with and of great help to our clients.



What I do outside of work
  I really enjoy outdoor activities, alone or with my family, in the winter as in summer! If I had to choose just one, it would be mountain biking. After doing it for over 20 years now, I'm still always motivated and wanting to get on my bike. I volunteer at a bike club, which enables me to help with the development of bike paths and the promotion of this sport in my region.
What I love about my work
  You never know when an emergency will arise or when you'll be confronted with a barrage of questions. This means that you have to be well-organized, know how to establish priorities and not fear the unknown. It's important to ask the right questions and have an untamed curiosity. Without exception, my goal is to serve our clients as efficiently as possible.
My colour, attributes... value added within the team
  Blue! The colour of energy efficiency for hybrid vehicles, recuperating the energy of braking to help when accelerating. By analogy, I try to be aware of the strengths and know-how of all the members of my team and to retain as much knowledge as possible. With this, I am better able to meet our clients' needs and perform efficiently! CLIENT SERVICE: His degree in administration, with specialization in operational and logistics management, and his more than 10 years' experience supporting users of supply chain software packages make Olivier the perfect person to respond to service requests from our clients. Calm, solution-oriented, Olivier knows how to handle emergencies quickly and with courtesy.


What I do outside of work
I enjoy doing auto body work, painting and automobile mechanics. In the summer, I take in music festivals and "drift" events. In the winter, I hit the ski slopes and go snowmobiling.
What I love about my work
I love learning, surpassing myself and taking up challenges. I enjoy learning about the latest in technologies and their evolutions.
My colour, attributes... value added within the team

Naturally mild and subtle, that mixes well with any other component!



What I do outside of work
  Since I'm the father of a large family, most of my activities outside of work are done with my family. When I have time for myself, I like to read, go to the movies, make wine, paint and play video games, recent as well as vintage ones. My dream: to program a game that I could give to my children./td>
What I love about my work
  To see the end-result of my programming and the satisfaction of having resolved programming problems. I love to learn more and more about the subject because it's truly a passion. I hope to follow the evolution and innovation in my profession and become increasingly competent.
My colour, attributes... value added within the team
  I can laugh at myself and am always very perseverant, which is very useful in an area where complex problems can arise at any time. I feel privileged to work at Effecto. I'm passionate about my work, in an atmosphere that is both friendly and stimulating.

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