Ultima Fenestration
Manufacturer of doors and windows for over 10 years

" Effecto allowed us to increase efficiency and quality throughout. As much as in the factory as advising our clients. They understand manufacturers' needs. They put their boots on and come to us. They are behind us throughout the project."

For the testimony of the entire Ultima Fenestration team, watch the video (in French).



Plastique Micron
Manufacturer of plastic containers for over 40 years

" Effecto enabled us to computerize the reports on our raw materials, our production and our deliveries which, before, took a great deal of time, both for office employees and for shop floor personnel. Our productivity has increased substantially... Implantation of this kind of project is spread over a number of months. The follow-up made by the Effecto team was truly exemplary. We felt that they were there to support us. They are quick to grasp our reality and know how to operationalize the needs submitted to them."

For the testimony of the entire Plastique Micron team, watch the video (in French).



Clermond Hamel
a sawmill reputed for the quality of its wood for over 100 years

" Our production volume swelled and we had problems getting quick and accurate answers regarding our inventories. Effecto made the overall process much easier, from the entry of the wood to delivery. We can trace all of our operations. My foreman recently said to me: "Now, I couldn't do without Effecto. If we were to have to return to our paper system, I'd go crazy."  This is because Effecto knows its sector and knows wood. " David Hamel

For the testimony of the entire Clermond Hamel team, watch the video (in French).



Industries PF
manufacturer of fence components and fir and spruce assembly panels for over 40 years

" At P.F., we wanted to be able to measure how much wood was costing from its input to its output. We wanted to manage our inventories and improve our operations. Effecto meets our needs 100%. The people at Effecto are very friendly and quick to answer all of our questions. "  – Guy Roy

For the testimony of the entire team of Industries P.F., watch the video (in French).


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